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Mini Pinsel Set
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Mini Pinsel Set

Small brush set

For a flawless make-up

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  • Description
Four handy professional brushes with seven different applica-tors in a practical zipper case are awaiting their grand ap-pearance. The stylish mini brush set consists of these small but fine specialists:

1. The round, slightly tapered powder brush made of goat hair is ideally suited for applying Bronzer, Strobing Pow-der or rouge while selectively and precisely modelling the facial contour.

2. With the tapered eye contour brush made of sable hair, eyebrows can be made to look more compact, creamy eyeliner can be applied, eyeshadow and eye pencil color can be blended along the eye contour. The lash brush made of nylon fiber separates the lashes and shapes the eyebrows.

3. The lip brush made of artificial hair easily and correctly applies lipstick or lip gloss. The small eyeshadow brush made of sable hair is perfect for all kinds of eyeshadow; the flat, wide, and compact tip allows for picking up and blending all kinds of textures at the lower lashline, under the eyebrows and along the eye contour.

4. The eyeshadow brush made of horse hair, with its ta-pered, wide, full tip effortlessly picks up particularly powder eye shadow and blends it with just a few strokes. The round, pointed eyeshadow brush made of quality synthetic fibers allows for highly selective application, particularly along the eye contour.