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Dear valued visitor,
Our company has been founded 1947 by Dr. Felix Grandel and is experienced over 60 years in the field of professional cosmetics.

The graduated economist Michael Grandel is leading the independent
company in second generation. The company headquarter as well as the
in-house production are located in Augsburg, Germany. DR. GRANDEL currently employs 220 staff members.

The field of cosmetics at the DR. GRANDEL Group committed itself to the professional beauty markets all over the world. 

The represented brands of the company

  • PHYRIS Skin Care Concept

are exported very successfully to 40 countries all over the world. 20 000 beauticians are working with our high-quality and first class branded products.

The company DR. GRANDEL ensures highest premium quality for all its brands, products and services.

The Policy of Premium Quality
Our aim is to anchor the concrete and obvious advantages our brands offer in the minds and hearts of our customers. So considered – DR. GRANDEL itself is an offer to form a successful alliance.

At DR. GRANDEL, premium brand management is a passion. Our positioning is clearly strategic and in accordance with our corporate strategies, which are indeed based on sustainability.

We know, that meaning- and forceful brand management is the only way to ensure highest quality and to avoid levelling. The quintessence of the complete Corporate Branding process at DR. GRANDEL are the following six columns:

  • Uniqueness
  • Relevance
  • Consistency
  • Authenticity
  • Vision
  • Elementariness
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