The unique 3-phase concept creates results you can see and feel – instantly and lastingly.

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The ideal cleansing ritual for each skin feeling

Have you ever asked yourself how you would like your skin to feel AFTER cleansing? In its phase 1 PHYRIS offers twelve professional cleansing products that free your skin in different ways matching your individual needs and preferences. Cleanse your skin with completely new formulas and smart active ingredients, like skin care professionals in spas and beauty salons do. Whether it’s a foam, balm, gel or milk – PHYRIS provides professional cleansing products for every taste.

Fresh and clear | Calm and gentle | Soft and smooth

and their special effect on the skin


The heartpiece of PHYRIS - SOMI

The PHYRIS brand is known for its unique 3-Phase-Skincare Concept. Each care ritual consists of:

Phase 1: Cleansing
Phase 2: SOMI
Phase 3: Care

What is the effect of SOMI?
SOMI prepares the skin for the subsequent face cream and ensures that the active ingredients of the cream can be absorbed even better by the skin.

Phase 3 - CARE

Day cream, night cream, 24-hour care

In Phase 3, the care phase, there are several PHYRIS products to choose from. Due to the wide and deep product range there is the perfect skincare product for each skin type, skin condition and demand. Selective plant extracts, vitamins, gentle fruit acids as well as mineral micronutrients are prepared with latest technologies so an optimum of care quality can be guaranteed. Nonetheless PHYRIS is focused on high-tech active ingredients and therefore is always trend setting and up to date.

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