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Valued visitor,

Since more than one decade PHYRIS is internationally very successful represented in very important markets all over the world. To build up such a network it needs a lot of international experience and knowledge. All members of the export-department are already working since a long period in this field and have proofed their qualifications. According to our business-philosophy we have one specialist responsible for each market, which forms the direct contact person for all suggestions, questions and demands of an international partner. This secures a high information level quick response as well as a qualified correspondence for the daily business. To bring it to a point:

“Your local success is our global success”

Service orientation is one of the key-facts for a successful international business. We see us as a link between our international customers and the final clients. Our aim is to support all international partners to build their local business on a long term base. The international PHYRIS philosophy is a whole concept which starts with high class products, effective treatments and a variety of sales support material, but it is more than that. As important as these facts are the “soft facts” which allow to be not only present in the several markets but to develop a successful business with our local partners. Some of these “soft facts” we mentioned in a separate point, to give you an idea of the whole world of PHYRIS.

Have we created your interest? Together with my team I’m looking forward to get in contact with you.  The business with the unique PHYRIS cosmetic products shows a lot of chances for an international distributor to be even more present and successful in the future. Let’s talk about it.

With best regards,

J. Geisler
Export Manager PHYRIS

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