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GRANOZYM Enzym Taler
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GRANOZYM Enzym Taler

With Plant Enzymes

Enzyme Wafers


Food supplement

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  • Description
The pineapple is a delicious and therefore popular tropical fruit. The tart but sweet pulp has found many uses in recipes and as desert. Pineapples contains BROMELAIN, a mixture of proteolytic enzymes similar to papain; the latter is isolated from the fruit of young female papaya trees. Bromelain breaks protein down to its amino acid building blocks.

Papaya trees (carica papaya) grow in all tropical regions. Papaya plants (also known as paw-paw plants) were first cultivated in Mexico. The large red or yellow papaya fruits have an aromatic taste. The fruit is rich in enzymes, especially the proteolytic enzyme PAPAIN. Proteolytic enzymes split proteins into their amino acid building blocks.

DR. GRANDEL GRANOZYM Enzyme Wafers contain bromelain from pineapples, papain from papaya, and multiple enzymes from fermented grains. For many years, GRANOZYM enzyme tablets are the remedy of choice after a rich meal or after eating a meal in a faraway country.