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Memory & Concentration
Memory PS
with 100 mg PS

with vitamin-B-complex for mental fitness, concentration and thinking skills*

30 ST

Food supplement

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Like any other organ, the brain needs an adequate supply of nutrients to function well. Some nutrients are especially important in this regard. Memory PS capsules contain these nutrients in concentrated form.

* Vitamins B1, B2, B6, B12, biotin and niacin contribute to the normal function of the nervous system. Vitamins B1, B6, B12, folic acid, biotin and niacin support the normal psychological function and hence the ability to concentrate, learn and remember. Pantothenic acid supports normal mental performance and, together with vitamin B2, B6, B12, folic acid and niacin, assists in reducing tiredness and fatigue.

Memory PS also contains a special lecithin obtained from soya, which has a particularly high concentration of the ingredient Phosphatidyl serine (PS). Phosphatidyl serine is a natural structural constituent of the nerves and brain.


 per capsule% NRV**
Phosphatidylserine100 mg-***
Vitamin B11.1 mg100 %
Vitamin B21.4 mg100 %
Vitamin B61.4 mg100 %
Vitamin B122.5 µg100 %
Biotin50 µg100 %
Niacin16 mg NE100 %
Pantothenic acid6 mg100 %
Folic acid200 µg100 %

** NRV: nutrient reference values according to Regulation (EU) No. 1169/2011.
*** no reference value defined.

Do not exceed the recommended daily amounts shown. Nutritional supplements should not be regarded as a substitute for a balanced and varied diet. Remember the importance of a healthy lifestyle. Keep this product out of the reach of small children.


Soy lecithin-PS-complex 49 %, gelatine, soy oil, humectant glycerine, niacine, pantothenic acid, vitamin B12, vitamin B6, vitamin B2, vitamin B1, colour iron oxide, folic acid, biotine. 

lactose-free - gluten-free - yeast-free - sorbitol-free


Brand: Dr. Grandel Health Products
Serie: Gelenke

Swallow one capsule Memory PS daily with some liquid.

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