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Magnesium tablet

For muscles, heart and nerves


Food supplement

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Description of DR. GRANDEL GRANDELAT Chelated Magnesium:

Dependent on age and gender, adults need 300 to 400 mg magnesium daily. Magnesium must be ingested daily with the food we eat or as supplement. Magnesium plays a particularly important role for the proper functioning of muscles, heart and nerves.
Magnesium is needed to ensure the proper functioning of nerve and muscle fibres (including the heart).
In times of stress, the body eliminates more than the usual amount of magnesium, which must be replaced daily. A person who sweats in the sauna or engages in strenuous activities requires more magnesium than the sedate person who does not sweat quite as much.
DR. GRANDEL GRANDELAT magnesium CHELAT in tablet form quickly supplement your food with a sufficient amount of magnesium. Each tablet contains 60 mg magnesium. In the GRANDELAT magnesium CHELAT supplement, the vital mineral is bound to amino acids from rice protein.

gluten-free, lactose-free, sugar-free