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LIPIGRAN Weizenkeimöl plus Kapseln
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LIPIGRAN Weizenkeimöl plus Kapseln

Your Convenient Source of Targeted Vitamin E

Wheat germ oil capsule with vitamin E


Food supplement

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  • Description
DR. GRANDEL LIPIGRAN Wheat Germ Oil Plus in Capsules are a practical alternative to ingesting pure wheat germ oil. By comparison with regular wheat germ oil, LIPIGRAN Wheat Germ Oil Plus capsules are enriched in vitamin E. Vitamin E is a protective agent in the human organism. It protects cells from oxidative damage, thus helping the body to deal with toxic substances in food, water, and air. The human body does not produce vitamin E, which must therefore be provided with the food. Vitamin E must constantly be replenished to make sure, enough radical scavengers are available. LIPIGRAN wheat germ oil plus capsules make it possible to conveniently provide a sufficient amount of vitamin E. Protective DR. GRANDEL LIPIGRAN Wheat Germ Oil Plus in Capsules can be taken anytime and are suitable especially for persons who want to protect the body from damaging free radicals and like to increase their vitality.