GRANDEL - The Beautyness Company


GRANDEL - The Beautyness Company

The germ of a beautiful idea

It all began in the "Pfladermühle", a 1,000-year old gristmill. In 1947, the chemist Dr. Felix Grandel founded his company for dietary and cosmetic products based on wheat germ. In second generation, Michael Grandel, a graduate in economics, leads the independently managed, family-owned company, which has developed into a major manufacturer of branded beauty products and services for the salon and spa industry.


From the modest beginnings, sixty years ago, GRANDEL has grown to a worldwide leader in research, development and production of natural, high-tech cosmetics for the salon and spa industry. GRANDEL is a family-owned company with ultra modern manufacturing facilities in Bavaria, Germany, subsidiaries and partners all over the world.

Ecomade in Germany

GRANDEL continues to exceed industry demands, using some of the latest high-tech equipment presently available and applying strict laboratory controls to ensure the highest level of quality made in Germany. In addition GRANDEL has set a new, eco-certified standard in the art of environment-friendly manufacturing. Corporate social responsibility and environmental management are put into practice along the company’s value added chain. GRANDEL is aware that running a business is not an end in itself but a means to serve people and society as a whole.

Lasting Success

The total focus on the customer is the basement of GRANDEL’s lasting success. GRANDEL  is unison with the needs of today’s spas and beauty salons. GRANDEL is concentrating its attention on products and treatments exclusively designed for the use in professional spas worldwide.

The introduction of the CosMotiv-Concept by GRANDEL grants spas and salons access to a profound knowledge. So they are able to combine products and signature treatments perfectly to meet their client’s needs and simultaneously leave an excellent personal mark.

Perfect Nature

In formulating its exclusive cosmetic preparations, first and foremost GRANDEL relies on carefully selected ingredients derived from nature, which have to undergo an elaborated processing.

GRANDEL cosmetics are produced in the line with stringent quality guidelines similar to the regulations governing manufacture pharmaceuticals. Strict hygiene regulations and a permanent professional control of the manufacturing process enables GRANDEL to reduce preservations to a minimum. The result is top quality made-in-Germany which is highly effective and extremely well tolerated by the skin. All GRANDEL skin and body care products are produced in accordance with original recipes at a state-of-the-art plant where EPIGRAN - the essential wheat germ based active ingredient - is made in-house. GRANDEL cosmetics are tested on human volunteer probands, always in collaboration with leading dermatologists – and never by animal experiments.

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