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Michael Grandel has received the award "A Life of Beauty"

Michael Grandel, CEO of the DR GRANDEL GmbH, has received the "A Life of Beauty" Award.

Michael Grandel was born into a family in service of beauty. Father Felix Grandel initiated his son Michael to research on the benefits of wheat germ in skin care long before the young boy needed cosmetics. A smile softened his face as Michael Grandel recalled those early days of his life: "As young boy I used to seek adventure near the banks of the river Lech near Augsburg (Germany). After one of these expeditions, I returned home with a rich bounty of shimmering yellow St John’s Wort flowers, which people aptly call ‘golden flowers’. As soon as I arrived home, I put the flowers in wheat germ oil. Later, I proudly introduced my first macerate to my parents as skin oil invention." To this day, nature’s bounty fascinates the accomplished entrepreneur. Using high-tech research methods, nature gave up many secrets to him.

Michael Grandel’s analytical skills, his drive, and entrepreneurial spirit served him well when soon after his graduation from business school his father passed away unexpectedly in 1977. The young business graduate stepped into his responsibilities and worked in the family business. In 1982, he became a member of the company’s executive management team and in 1985 he as-sumed sole leadership of the company as CEO.

To this day, Michael Grandel does not regret his involvement in the family en-terprise. On the contrary, continuing the family enterprise provided him with the chance to follow his vision of developing his father’s company into a suc-cessful international partner for professional cosmetics. After 30 years in the beauty business, Michael Grandel is still as curious and excitable as he was when he created his first skin oil. He never fails to share his enthusiasm with as-sociates in the company and with customers. Beauty is in capable hands in the growing global enterprise.

DR GRANDEL - The Beautyness Company – in Augsburg (Germany) offers three complete and exclusive product series with individualised treatment and consultation concepts designed by the beauty expert. All concepts of the group-independent company within the international network of cosmetics companies begin and end at the original headquarters of the family company. Now as in the past, research and development as well as the pro-duction, warehousing, and distribution take place at the domicile in Augsburg. Experts in the large modern training centre in Augsburg prepare business partners from all corners of the world for their work.

When Michael Grandel, the blonde CEO now in his late fifties, was asked what he considers prerequisite to success the answer came without hesitation and as always straight to the point, “The makeup of the person is always the crucial factor.” The essence behind this conviction has always been the Grandel family credo. This focus on the person is at the root of the philosophy, which defines the DR GRANDEL name and enterprise. It also explains the on-going success since the company inception more than 65 years ago.

Press release: March 2014