The 3-Phase Care Concept

Besides the heart of the PHYRIS range with Phase 2 – the Somis – there is  Phase 1 – Cleansing and Phase 3 Final Care, which also play a very important role in the whole concept. All products of all phases are constantly checked, improved, extended or if there are doubts, again development completely new from the start.

Phase 1– Cleansing, Peeling and Tonifying with PHYRIS products is creating a wellness moment and a ritual for the user – it makes fun and this is an integral part of a modern skincare line. Wonderful formulations as gels, milks, creams, tonics or foams are available. For the deep cleansing of the skin there are abrasive as well as enzymatic peelings as well as a Deep Cleansing Mineral Mask and a special AHA Peeling for cabin use.

Phase 2 – the Somis: for more information click here

In Phase 3, the care phase, there are several PHYRIS products to choose from. Due to the wide and deep product range there is the perfect skincare product for each skin type, skin condition and demand. Selective plant extracts, vitamins, gentle fruit acids as well as mineral micronutrients are prepared with latest technologies so an optimum of care quality can be guaranteed. Nonetheless PHYRIS is focused on high-tech active ingredients and therefore is always trend setting and up to date.

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