CosMotiv: Anti-Age

FACE: Skin Performance 3D - a high-tech approach to maintaining skin’s youthful assets

Starting from the age of 35, the presence of hyaluronic acid in the skin deteriorates. The result is a loss of resilience and the appearance of fine lines. In addition, recurrent facial mannerisms and stress affect the skin.

Skin Performance 3D is designed to effectively counteract this process. The procedure uses ultra-modern products which work in the short, medium and long term to provide intense hydration to the skin. Fine lines and wrinkles are alleviated immediately, and the improvement is maintained.
In addition, the Skin Performance application & massage technique enhances the sense of well-being throughout the treatment. Skin will regain a youthful resilience and radiance.


FACE: Anti-Age Lifting Effect - for skin showing a decline in elasticity, fine lines & wrinkles and expression lines

Stress and environmental factors as well as the natural aging process result in a loss of elasticity. The dermal tissue becomes less supple, and fine lines & wrinkles begin to show themselves. The Anti-Age Lifting Effect treatment uses a highly effective cocktail of active ingredients to firm & tighten the skin and reduce fine lines and wrinkles. A professional mask with instant effect maximizes the benefits. The »Contour Lifting Massage« is also effective at firming the skin, stimulates microcirculation and detoxifies.

FACE: Anti-Age Sensation - against the signs of time

Anti-Age Sensation refines skin texture and supports tissue tone. An extraordinary collection of highly effective products, combined with the »Anti-Age Sensation Massage« technique create a unique rejuvenating facial. Skin feels incredibly smooth and intensely hydrated, looks luminous and radiant.

FACE: Skin Repair - for demanding dry skin

With age, skin‘s ability to produce lipids declines significantly. This is why mature skin does not retain water so well. In addition, the skin loses its elasticity and tends to form fine lines and wrinkles. Skin Repair treats the skin to nourishing, hydrating, firming and regenerating active ingredients. So it looks softer, smoother, tighter, refreshed.

FACE: Men Premium Power - for men with demanding skin

Men Premium Poweris an intensive treatment for demanding and stressed skin. It introduces deeply moisturizing, smoothing and vitalizing active ingredients into the skin to reduce the visible signs of aging. The skin appears smoother, more refined and younger. Clients will enjoy enhanced radiance and vitality with this relaxing and revitalizing facial.

BODY:  Body Dream De Luxe - an indulgent and beauty-enhancing experience for the entire body

Stress and environmental strains do not spare the body and accelerate natural body skin aging. The skin looks tired and rough, the tissue loses its elasticity and the first fine lines become visible on the décolleté. Body Dream De Luxe works to counteract this process. The combination of effective peeling and nourishing skin care ingredients delivers visible results and gives skin a unique feeling: the décolleté becomes firmer, more toned and body contours are re-defined. Intensively moisturized, the skin resumes a smooth and supple look and regains its radiance.

Cosmotiv: Anti-Age Cosmotiv: Anti-Age
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