CosMotiv: Skin Problems

FACE: Sensitive Balance - for sensitive skin

The Sensitive Balance treatment is designed to restore comfort to sensitive dry skin. Soothing plant extracts and rich natural oils reduce irritation and provide the skin with plenty of moistureSensitive Balance smoothes scaly skin areas,improves skin‘s resistance to environmental influences and leaves skin feeling soothed & comfortable.

FACE: Ultra Sensitive - for hypersensitive skin

The Ultra Sensitive formulas have a soothing and irritation-relieving effect on very sensitive skin. Select active ingredients provide intense hydration and support skin‘s natural defence system. The lamellar structure of the cream bases (Skin Membrane Equivalent) mimics the outer layers of the skin, so increasing skin‘s resistance to external influences. Symptoms like itching, burning, prickling, tightness and dryness disappear. The skin will feel very comfortable, soothed and softened.

FACE: Sebocontrol - for impure skin

Oily skin is a condition caused by an overproduction of sebum. The sebum and a build-up of keratinized skin cells can create a blockage of the sebaceous duct, and comedones and pustules result. The Sebocontrol treatment helps normalize keratinization and counteracts inflammation, promoting a clear and even complexion.

FACE: Dermabalance - for impure, dehydrated skin

Skin with a very low moisture level which, at the same time, suffers from excessive sebum production and has a tendency towards irritation and flakiness, needs specially tailored care. Dermabalance helps normalize keratinization, counteracts inflammation, delivers intensive moisture and has a soothing & balancing effect on the skin. The treatment encourages the skin to a smooth, supple and even appearance, while the »Wellness Massage« promotes deep relaxation.

FACE: Light Effect - over-pigmentation or pigmentation marks

Light Effect is an intensive treatment for skin prone to over-pigmentation. It helps restore radiance and promotes a flawless complexion. Home care with the Light Effect products maximizes the benefits of this professional treatment and helps prevent new pigmentation marks from appearing.

CosMotiv: Skin Problems
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