CosMotiv: Pre-Age

FACE: Hydro Fresh - express facial for all skin types

Hydro Fresh provides intensive care in a minimum of time. This makes the treatment particularly suitable for busy clients; for potential clients who want to trya skin care service at your facility; for application before making up clients for a special event; for incorporation into body treatments; and also for special promotions.

FACE: Vitamin Fitness - vitalizing express facial for all skin types

Vitamin Fitness gives skin a maximum of vitality in a minimum of time. The treatment purifies, restores luminosity and provides protection against the effects of the environment. Vitamin Fitness allows clients to enjoy a mini wellness experience.

FACE: Vitamin Intense - for all skin types

Vitamin Intense is an intensive treatment to boost skin‘s energy, revive the complexion and refresh mind and spirit. Vitamins A, C and E enhance skin‘s protection against external stress and counteract environment-induced premature skin aging. Actives extracted from the kiwi fruit and the Acerola cherry give skin a beautiful radiance. Unique textures and wonderful fruity scents contribute to an overall feeling of well-being.

FACE: Men Hydro Power - for men with dehydrated skin

Men Hydro Power is a hydrating, refreshing treatment for dehydrated skin. It replenishes and revives, delivers softness and radiance to the complexion, and leaves a sensation of being gently bathed in the cool waters of a crystal clear mountain lake.

Cosmotiv: Pre-Age
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